Took a Little Break!

Hey guys so I’ve been quiet on here for the past few weeks! I was dealing with a back/shoulder injury and wasn’t able to do much 😦


Today was my first day really working out again and I am so happy! While I wasn’t able to lift much I tried to eat even better and was able to maintain the weight I had lost during my last challenge! I definitely feel that I lost some definition but that is just going to motivate me even more to get it back!

It’s really important to listen to your body, I didn’t at first and I kept working out and I’m pretty sure that’s why it took me almost a month to heal! Once I listened to it, I started icing it and going to the chiropractor to get it looked at and resting it. 3 weeks of a little TLC and I feel great 👍🏻

I am also in the middle of trying to add more to my workouts so I see more results! Whether it’s two a days, more cardio, or revamping my meal plans, I am going to try it all and see what continues to work for me!

Of course I’ll keep you guys updated on what’s working and what’s not working… Stay tuned!! 🙂


Took me a little longer than I wanted but my second challenge is done! Life got a little busy and there were a few more rest days than planned. But I still feel great!!

When I first started doing challenges like this I didn’t think I would see too much of a difference, but over these past two challenges I have lost weight, leaned out, and have gotten so confident in my body and in my strength!

For me the confidence has been the biggest thing these challenges have given me, I can easily say this is THE MOST confident I have ever been in my body!

These 21 days pushed me harder and further than I thought I could be pushed and I definitely see and feel the results of it.

I have become so motivated to eat better and just overall take better care of myself! I’ve always taken care of myself but this is a whole new level that actually works for me!

I would love to hear about something that make you feel beautiful and confident, for me it’s been knowing that made it through these past 21 days without giving up or doubting myself<3

I am posting the last video below!

Please give me your feedback on the video or just on my post in general:)

Got Bae feeling good too💪🏻

Here’s the video Link:

Challenge Update: Week 2!

Hey guys! Another week down!

I am still loving this new challenge and the small changes I am starting to see and feel.

It’s been a long week between work and making sure I got my challenge workout done each day, but I am so proud of myself for staying disciplined throughout this.

My new focus while doing this challenge is to eat better and to portion control what I eat. I don’t necessarily eat BAD, but I can definitely eat BETTER!

This week I was also challenged with some of the workouts! One those being tricep dips while I was holding my body weight up off the ground! I always thought I had strong arms until I could only get half way down!

This is my new fitness goal: Be Able to do a FULL dip and get back up!

I don’t normally post about the weight I’ve lost because but this week I realized that I have lost almost 5lbs and I was pretty happy, so I thought I’d share just 1 more reason why I am so motivated to stick with these programs and push myself to overcome new challenges!

I really hope y’all are enjoying this journey with me! And as always please reach out with any questions or just general feedback, I love hearing from you ❤

Week 2 Video Below:

Challenge Update :)

This is going to be a quick post:)

I wanted to let you guys know that I have finished my first 5 days and it’s been great!

Although trying to video, edit, and post everyday is really hard to do because I work full time…. So I’ve decided that at the end of the week I will compile a video of my favorite workouts from that week!

Here is the link for this week!! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up with the videos!

Enjoy ❤

21 Day Challenge Round 2!

I’m back from my little mini vacation and have spent this past week trying to find another challenge or series of work outs to start!

Well I found it!

It’s another 21 day challenge but this is the advanced one, day 1 already kicked my butt lol

I decided that for this round I was going to try and get video of the workouts and label them so that I can give you guys a link to click on and you’ll be able to see exactly what the workouts are!

This is just a little introductory post about what I’m starting! The challenge is called Advanced Bootcamp – 21 Day Challenge and it is from the same Body Rock App that I used last time!

Let me know what you guys would like to see from me this time around! I’m really excited to start this with you guys again💪🏻

I will try to update the videos as quick as I can!

Here is the link for Day 1! I would love to get feed back on how I can make my videos and/or post better. Let me know what y’all think ❤

21 Days Done!!

Well I did it!!

I am officially done with my 21 day challenge!!

During this challenge I have notice more changes on my body then I ever got from the gym! (Don’t get me wrong I still love the gym)

With my body type I’ve learned that HITT workouts have been the best and this challenge really pushed me, I feel stronger, leaner, and honestly just all around happier! Between the challenges and the burnouts at the end of each day I’ve worked out muscles I didn’t even know I had lol

I’ve tried to keep a decently healthy diet and threw in a couple gym workouts along the way.

Below I’ve added the workouts for the last couple days! I’ve also added a few pics of the workouts I did! And my final results🎉

Day 11: Full Body (10 minutes)/Full Body Burnout (5 minutes)

Day 12: Arms and Abs (12 minutes)/ Leg Burnout (10 minutes)

Day 13 & 14: Rest Days (I went to the gym)

Day 15: Full Body (12 minutes)/ Full Body (7 minutes)

Day 16: Legs and Abs (12 minutes)/ Abs Burnout (5 minutes)

Day 17: Cardio w/weight (5 minutes Xs 8 rounds)/ Arms and Abs Burnout (6 minutes)

Day 18: Full Body (12 minutes)/ Legs Burnout (5 minutes)

Day 19 & 20: Rest Days ( I went to the gym)

Day 21: Full Body (12 minutes)/ Full Body Burnout (10 minutes)

Each day was 50/10 (50 seconds of each workout/ 10 second Rest in between)

If you have ANY questions about this program please reach out 🙂

Half Way Through!! #21daychallenge

Alright guys so i am half way through my Body Rock  “Bootcamp 21 Day Challenge”! It has been absolutely amazing! I am on Day 10 and I already see small in changes in areas of my body I didn’t even know I could reach!

On top of this challenge I have been adding regular gym workouts once or twice a week just to build up my strength a little more on bigger areas like my back, legs, and occasionally I’ll do shoulders and arms in the gym. This is just my personal preference because the HIIT workouts are great for helping my slim down and lean out, but for me keeping up with my gym workouts help me maintain and build my strength.

These challenge workouts have been just that, a big CHALLENGE!! Plus the burnouts at the end of each day are killer!!!!!

I have absolutely loved it!

The biggest difference that I’ve seen has been my stomach (FINALLY). I have spent so long trying different workouts and diets and detox drinks just to slim down my stomach and love handles, well now I think I found my solution!!!

This is the best I think I’ve ever felt and looked, I still believe that I can continue to better myself and workouts and I will definitely keep exploring different work outs!

Here is a little run down of what each day focused on:

DAY 1- Full Body (25 minutes)/ Arm Burnout (11 minutes)

DAY 2- Lower Body (30 minutes)/ Leg Burnout (11 minutes)

DAY 3- Arms and Abs (15 minutes)/ Leg Burnout (8 minutes)

DAY 4- Core (15 minutes)/ Abs Burnout(7 minutes)

DAY 5- Full Body (12 minutes)/ Back Burnout(5 minutes)

DAY 6- Full Body (20 minutes)/ Full Body Burnout (12 minutes)


DAY 8- Arms and Abs (15 minutes)/ Abs & Core Burnout (8 minutes)

DAY 9- Legs (12 minutes)/ Leg Burnout (7 minutes)

DAY 10- Arms and Shoulders (10 minutes)/ Upper Body Burnout (5 minutes)

Before each workout I do a warm up and after each workout I stretch, I have found (especially for my bad hips) that stretching more in depth has help SO MUCH! I don’t feel that tight sharp pain when I work out legs any more and I couldn’t be happier!

If you guys have any questions about this challenge or anything, please please please reach out! I love hearing from you and sharing stories!

Can’t wait to give you guys the final update on this challenge! STAY TUNE ❤

**pic below** Definitely think I can get better but I’m pretty proud of where I’m at*